While I was automating my homes in Florence and in Berkeley, I became aware that we are living inside a computer surrounded by cables and wires, processors, logic devices hidden inside the walls of our home, and airways entering the home. We are immersed inside many networks and systems.  The problem is how to enjoy living inside a such environment.  This computer is even greater when we consider the Internet where, with a simple click on a web page, we realize that we exist after being bombarded with focus advertisement, emails, and telephone calls. I realized that is quite important to master  automations, firewalls, and information filters to avoid being hostage by the excess of  information.

Home information should be confined within the home premises, private and not reachable from the internet. For remote operation we use VPN and encryption. Well-being information is important to dwellers looking for ways to improve it.  Here are some questions to explore, how good are the air we are breathing and the water we are drinking in the home? How bad is the noise and light pollution? How many hours is our daily sleep and rest? Is the home ventilation adequate and the carbon monoxide concentration OK? Can we compare different home locations? I expect that a smart home provides answers, and tips to improve our well being.

Living in Berkeley, the awareness of immersion in the computer is emphasized by the view of the transformers, cables, wires and telephone poles in front of our building.  Birds enjoy the scenary hanging on AC distribution lines, while squarrels use the hanging CATV and telephone cables between buildings as their highways. Plants at times use the telephone poles as a place to grow.  This extended computer scenario is a real ecosystem, and we are a part of it.

Houses have been built according to city codes that have evolved from past incidents generally caused by extreme weather and geological events producing extreme temperatures, strong winds, heavy rains, and earthquakes.  Cities, and now smart cities, are created to provide citizens safety, security, energy saving, and comfort for the average user. Home automation is a customization of a home to satisfy individual needs while respecting city guidelines.

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