Welcome to myHomeVillage.com, a site describing home automation projects to improve energy savings and dweller's well-being using computers, mobile devices, internet, and information services.

The project started in 2003 by rewiring a house as a vacation home.  Automation was useful to:

  • open and close the house frequently
  • monitor and control the house remotely over the internet, and
  • other applications like keeping the plants alive when the house is closed.

Now, the project status is in an advanced stage where:

  • alternative energy generates income and savings in the cost of electricity
  • it improves the comfort, safety and security of the home
  • it monitors dwellers events
  • it logs and meters electricity consunption and production, water usage, wind speed, precipitation, temperature, and people motion
  • the home is controlled and monitored remotely using an internet VPN connection
  • The data is stored in devices located inside the home

This site is continuosly evolving and it aims at colecting scripts that automatically discover the devices in the home, and it enables the user to operate the home using interactive documents describing home operation and maintenance.

Most software applications to control the home, in this site, are native in mac computers and they need little configuration by the home users.

The home automation implementations consist of integrated systems arranged in interconnected buses for security, automation, energy, and thermoregulation that are all managed by a local computers and several mobile devices located in a Local Area Network (LAN) enriched by the availability of internet services.

This site explores how to optimize the dweller’s well being. The figure below shows the home as a collection of systems to cope with weather conditions as pollution, rain, sun, temperature and wind to improve the dwelers well being managing people activity, alternative energy, and expenses.


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