A house may have one or more motorized switches (STOP&GO). I created a Preferential Circuit to power the refrigerator, home automation, network, and other connected computer equipment.  One of the functions of the STIOP&GO is to reset the Preferential Circuit: automatically when there is a fault to ground, or manually when something in the system hungs up.  With a telephone call to the Security Central (3486) one can check the status of the Preferential Circuit line.  An automation in the Security Central triggers a call everitime there is a reset of the of the Preferential Circuit. The SCS bus of the security and automation systems are always powered by the home electricity or the backup batteries.

A 100 Wp DC solar panel system helps to maintain the backup batteries charged during extended blackouts, prolonging the life expectation of power supplies and backup batteries. The automation systems runs often with the power supply off and using the battery power charged by the DC solar cell pannels. This mode of operation increases the stability of the SCS bus due to power failures and reduces the electric bill.

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