Applescript is a natural language, for users to read and control their smart homes using scripts within applications like calendar, email, omnigraffle and terminal. is a combination of scripts for the different systems of my home.  Each system has a script to control its devices. is a "SUPER SWITCH" created along the principles of  A "virtual switch" with a simple configuration because it discover the installed devices in the home, including router, gateways IP, lights, motors, auxiliaries, and thermal probes.  In one-click the user monitors and control all devices in the home.  SAY NO to the nightmare of entering the types and addresses for all your switches …. Make it simple, for all users, and let the smart computer and the smart home do the work for you. 

Download and install the in the Applications, Desktop folder, Dock or create a keyboard shortcut. Suggestion: press <cmd shift X> keys together after highletening one keyword. Highlights any of the keywords above and select in the following sequence Safarari>Services>mhvSwitch in the menu bar, or create a keyboard shortcut to call the mhvSwitch workflow from the keyboard.

Keywords: (it returns a menu of systems)

  1. Router (it finds the router IP)
  2. Gateways (it finds the myhome gateway, time, and model)
  3. Lights (it finds and control all lights without PUL configuration)
  4. Motors (it finds and control all motors without PUL configuration)
  5. Auxiliaries (it finds the first 8 auxiliaries and can reset their status to 0)
  6. PowerF421 (it checks the consumed or generated power  every 60 seconds)
  7. Temperature or Probes (if finds all the installed probes and their temperatures every 60 seconds)

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