ABSTRACT: Ternary command modules are common 2-module commands configured with 4-keys, UP, DOWN, STOP, and END. Using this configuration, a user is capable to send ternary numbers with many digits, the numbers are separated by pressing the END key. Using this method a user can address and control all devices in a home. Each ternary address specifies a scenario that is executed in the home controller.  A single switch can control as many scenarios the user decides. When pressing a key once, in the wall switch, the command behaves in the normal way by the home controller toggling a device from OFF to ON, or ON to OFF. But, when pressing several keys in sequence the controller interprets the ternary number of a predefined scenario to execute. A controller can be programmed with more than 100 scenarios, therefore in principle one can program scenarios to control all devices in the home from a single switch. 

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