Terminal is a Mac OS X native application, that comes with UNIX BSD. Netcat or nc can be used to set up a connection to a My Home gateway to monitor the messages in the automation bus. Netcat (nc) is a convenient unix command to set up a connection with a gateway.  The command needed to initiate a connection is nc <gateway> <port> as shown below.  The gateway answers *#1## and wait for an additional command before disconnecting.  HERE IS THE TRICK: the user should type *99*1## followed by ^D (End of File, or Control D).  Note: typing CR will close the connection.

*99*0## opens a Command Session

*99*1## opens an Event Session

*99*9## opens a Scenario Session 

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 5.20.14 PM

Example of an Event connection with MH200, using the terminal application.

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