Let's start from a simple principle: "life is motion",  therefore, we should be able to correlate the motion of people as a measure of life or health. A daily pattern of motion displayed in hours, days and months shows differences between hours of rest (sleep) and activity (actions).  In a smart home, life style and wellbeing may be assess by analyzing utility and sensor patterns. As we get older, we spend more time at home, and our home should be able to alert us about changes in our life/health patterns, before they evolve into chronic problems. Our research effort evolves from automation, to activity monitoring of dwellers to collect data to facilitate the creation of mathematical models for the human body that correlate our activity with wellbeing.

The following image is a setup used to generate presence histograms of a space in the home using installed motion sensors.


Setup to build a Histogram of Presence (daily, monthly, and yearly)

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