Sesto Fiorentino Location

Home automation systems address solutions to provide security, improve comfort, and save energy controlling the lights and scheduling appliances. But, can an automated home help the dweller to prove that we live better when there is a temperature control system? And how much better? Can the home check the time we take to traverse a corridor in the house? The time we normally sleep, the time we spent in the different room, the times we use the elevator instead of the stairs.  Can the home check us and determine that we are slowing down and becoming sedentary? Can we measure the change of behavior in visiting the kitchen, hall, bedroom, and bath rooms.

Burglar Alarm, Automation, and Energy systems exchange information about events using OpenWebNet messages. The controller, web server, alarm station, and home assistance services work in synergy to process events and logical conditions, identifying incompleted tasks to initiate calls and send mails alerting providers or relatives. 

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