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The device detects, counts and processes the information (water, gas, etc.) received from meters with pulse outputs, and makes it available to the SCS Bus.


The processing and accounting functions are: the calculation of the instantaneous value (calculated as the average of two pulses received during the time unit); hourly, daily and monthly pulse meter (one year memory). The pulse meter may be installed in a MY HOME Automation/Temperature Control system, or in a system only intended for the display of consumption levels. In this case a mini power supply will be required, to power the BUS, as well as a Touch Screen, for the displaying of consumptions levels.

The device may be installed in flush mounted boxes, behind traditional type devices, or also inside distribution boards, but without taking up any DIN rail space.
To allow the device archiving the consumption information, the system must be fitted with a device capable of supplying current date and time information (e.g. Touch Screen). If this is not available, the meter will be unable to archive the data, and will continue to increase the meters of the totalizers, and to calculate the instantaneous variables (number of pulses within the time unit).
The device has been designed to save the partial data in the memory in case of power cut. The pulse counter interface is provided with socket for 6 configurators: A1, A2, A3, G, M, SM.

the meter cannot detect pulses of less than 50 ms and cannot be connected to sensors sending more than 5 pulses per second (minimum period 200 ms). For 

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