A list of solutions related to smart homes. 

Applescript and Xcode

Interior Design

What are the Smart Home Questions?

I am searching for answers to questions like: 

  • How smart is a home?
  • What is the social impact of home automation?
  • How does a smart home impact the wellbeing of dwellers?
  • Should all homes be smart?

I hope some answers will show up during the evolution of this project. Comments are welcome. Andres

What is a Cappotto?

What is a Flatwall?

What is an LED?


What is Bus_SCS?


What is Comfort?

Examples of comfort:

What is Daikin?

IMG 0004

There are five internal units and one external unit connected by a VRV bus.  The air conditioning system can be in 5 operation modes: Auto, Cool, Warm, Dehumidifier, and Ventilation.

The internal unit in the kitchen was set up as the Master Unit to select the Operation mode for all other units. The slave units (Bedroom, Studio, Gym and Hall) acquire the operation method of the Master Unit in the Kitchen and have a fewer optional methods in  agreement with the Master selection. When the master (in the kitchen) is set to Ventilation mode all units go into ventilation mode. The unit in the kitchen determines the change of cool or heat mode. But it could set in Auto method to cool or heat according to the kitchen settings. The kitchen unit will arrest when the terrace door opens.

To reset the wired controller push the two upper buttons (left and right) simultaneously for 20 seconds. Push the Center button to select the Main Menu.  Push the lower right button (return button) for 6 seconds to get the service menu.

What is DMX512?


What is Enviromental Engineering?


What is Home Automation?


Home automation is an evolution of building automation, in Europe, the word Domotic is used to means the union of Domus (house) and Robotic (robots). The purpose is to have robots in the house that do tedious repetitive tasks once done by people. We  already  have refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, stoves,            coffee machines, microwaves, irrigation systems, and many more appliances that are always evolving with automations.  Today there is an effort in having the different appliances connected to exchange information and optimize their efficiency. 

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_automation    .                                                           

What is Internet of Evething?

What is Internet of Things?


What is LEED?


What is My Home Village?

My Home Village is a description, from dwellers, of smart home implementations and applications to facilitate user operation, and maintenance.  We do not advertise, endorse, nor sell any products or services.  We explore the issues associated with the use of internet to control, operate and maintain a home. We like to interact with other users with similar interest.  Home automation technology is quite complex and it needs to be explained in detail for dwellers to take advantage of the many features of a smart home.  Andres

What is OpenWebNet?


What is Substainable Architecture?


What is Vetromattone?

What is Weather?

I found in youtube this good explanation about extreme weather caused by the overuse of energy and possible paths to develop sustainable energy. It is good motivation for Home Automation to provide substainable solutions and help dwellers to surive periods of extreme weather.

I have developed Probes.app to discover the probes in the house, monitoring their values of temperature and alert users of extreme weather conditions.


What is Wellbeing?




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